What I Do

What do I do? Well, I call myself a Self-Discovery-Recovery Coach.

I know, what the heck does that mean, right? I don’t love “titles”, but I often find it hard to navigate around and communicate in this world without one. So, this is the title I gave myself – Self-Discovery-Recovery Coach.

I work with people with eating disorders in a coaching capacity and provide emotional support, guidance, and encouragement to help them navigate their own treatment and recovery journey. At the heart of this, I help people create a foundation of identity for themselves. I also help them learn to listen and understand themselves on a more intimate level. Unconditional love and acceptance are important components in the work that I do.

My Qualifications

1. Personal self-discovery and recovery from an eating disorder

Through a lot of personal work and a commitment to self-discovery and recovery, I have achieved a level of personal peace and freedom I once could have only imagined. I understand that my work is never done and I am committed to continuously exploring, learning, and growing in my understanding of myself. Personal self-discovery-recovery is what I did for myself and why I use the “title”, Self-Discovery-Recovery Coach.

2. Lived experience with an eating disorder, anxiety, and major depression

I have lived experience with an eating disorder. This allows me to understand many of the fears and concerns that others face. I have found that my lived experience allows me to relate to others in a more meaningful way. If you’d like to read a bit more about my recovery journey, check out my e-book, Understanding.

3. Huna Energy Practitioner

Huna, in its simplest explanation, is a philosophy of life with a simple code of ethics. I have found the principles of Huna to be incredibly helpful for me. It is an open system and does not claim to be complete. This is one of the reasons I have felt so comfortable exploring it and applying what I learn. A high level overview of the Huna principles can be found here.

4. Mindfulness Instructor

Mindfulness has been one of the most beneficial practices for me in recovery and in my own self-discovery journey. It is a practice that has helped me to find separation between myself and my emotions and, therefore, respond to my emotions more effectively.

5. Registered Yoga Teacher

While yoga has been an incredibly beneficial practice for me for developing a deeper mind-body connection, I have had to adapt its teachings to serve me. This hasn’t always been easy to do since the world of yoga can often be filled with much dogma and ritual. However, as someone with a history of an eating disorder and other mental health issues, I have come to understand that we must learn to approach things from our own starting points. We must adapt practices to suit us, as individuals, and not the other way around.

6. Certified Life Coach

I am Life Story-Life Coach certified and I help others look at identifying their current life stories and how they can rewrite them in order to live more authentically and fully. I am committed to continuous learning and personal growth and development. It has been beneficial for me to to learn and practice a number of different techniques because, as one of the Huna principles encourages, “Effectiveness is the measure of truth.” My learning and training is ongoing.

If you have any questions and/or you think you might be interested in working with me, please email me at kristen@mypieceofyoga.com. We can arrange a no-obligation chat!