Tag: World Eating Disorders Action Day 2020

TAKE ACTION: Change Your Expectations!

When recovery isn’t meeting your expectations, TAKE ACTION: Change your expectations! It’s okay to adjust your expectations of recoveryđź‘Ť…sometimes you just have to. I did. In my e-book, Understanding, I talk about this very thing…”I wanted a life that didn’t require constant numbing in order to survive it. I wanted to be free from the pain, not be held captive by it. That’s what I wanted more than anything else and that’s when my idea of recovery changed. I redirected my focus onto my emotional well-being and recovery became a process of uncovering and accepting every emotion I Read More

TAKE ACTION: Take Breaks

Take action by taking breaks! I had to take lots of breaks from a lot of things – some for long periods of time. Recovery took a lot out of me – mentally, emotionally, and physically. I didn’t necessarily like taking time off and I felt guilty a lot of the time, but it had to be done.It was a process to even get to a point where I could allow myself to prioritize my recovery though. I was so used to pushing beyond my limits. As I began to grow in my recovery and develop a stronger Read More

TAKE ACTION: You Are Worthy Of Treatment

Another way to take action…reach out for help! You are worthy of treatment…even if you “look” healthy. You still deserve care and attention! You wouldn’t have known I had an eating disorder just by looking at me. Most of the time I looked pretty healthy. I was not. đź‘Ž I also had major depression. Another illness that can’t be seen with the eyes. đź‘€ When others can’t see your illness, it’s hard to stand up for yourself and ask for help or take the time you need to care for yourself. Try to do it anyway! Take action…you are worthy Read More

TAKE ACTION: Look Beyond Your Physical Appearance

You can take action and look beyond your physical appearance. It’s hard to do, but there’s more behind what we can see with our eyes. I went through a period of being deathly afraid of eating anything considered unclean or impure. Outwardly, you might have thought I was health-conscious. Inwardly, I knew it was more than that. Every single second of my day revolved around thinking about food, shopping for food, preparing food, planning meals, eating food, and exercising. I knew at that point that my physical appearance was not a good indicator of my health. My thoughts Read More

TAKE ACTION: Expand Your Idea of Eating Disorders

One important way you can take action: Be willing to expand your idea of eating disorders. I, myself, certainly had a very stereotypical image of what an eating disorder was all about and my situation didn’t compare…not in my mind, anyway. I invalidated my own struggles. This made seeking treatment incredibly difficult. I had my eating disorder for 20 years before I went into treatment. Had I not judged my own illness based on stereotypes, I might have sought treatment sooner.  If you think your thoughts and behaviors in relation to food, eating, exercise, and quality of life Read More