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Finding Ease in Your Fast and Racing Mind

A fast and racing mind can be really uncomfortable. A part of yourself feels scattered. How do you reclaim those scattered pieces of yourself and even begin to experience a small sense of integration and ease, even if it’s only for just a moment? Well, know this: There isn’t one right way. And there isn’t a wrong way. There is only a way, and that is the way that is effective for you. As luck would have it (some sarcasm), there seems to be a whole bunch of people whose ways are similar, which can make it seem Read More

When Life Feels Too Hard, Remember This!

Sometimes life just feels too hard. Have you ever noticed this? Sometimes things feel easy AF, while at other times they feel monumental, laborious, impossible even. Like, why was it so easy to eat lunch yesterday, and today it feels like I’m spooning concrete down my throat? Or, like, why did I feel so light yesterday, and today I feel like I’m suffocating under a ton of bricks? It’s like this for me ALL the time! When I feel good, when things feel easy, I think I’ve finally made it. I’ve conquered life! When things feel hard, when Read More

Be The Witness, Not The Judge

The Body Is the Feeler of Emotions and Sensations. The Mind Is the Thinker of Thoughts. The Witness Is the Observer of All. ~ Sensei Shane Phelps What does this have to do with eating disorder recovery? Lots, I think! When you enter into the process of recovery, which in my mind means the moment you recognize some discomfort and have a desire to walk away from it, you detach yourself from one thing and begin to attach yourself to another. It can be an incredibly painful process. It can also be scary as hell. It’s sort of Read More

The Power Of Emotion – Part 3: Finding My Body

This is part three of a four week series on the power of emotion and today I will talk about how finding my body was an essential part of my own recovery. If you would like to read from the beginning, you can start here. Finding My Body I resisted finding my body for a long time. I didn’t even know I had been resisting it. But, eventually my body found me. It had tried for decades, maybe even my entire life, to find a way to speak and to be heard, but after trying to listen to Read More

The Power Of Emotion – Part 2: Understanding Myself

In part one of this four week series on the power of emotion, I talked about some of the benefits I’ve experienced from focusing on my emotions.  One of them was how doing so helped me to grow in my understanding of myself.  So today, I would like to share with you the why behind this, why focusing on my emotions and growing in my understanding of myself was (and is) such a powerful aid in my own eating disorder recovery. Before I go on though, let me clarify that when I talk about emotions, I’m talking about Read More