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The World Is What You Think It Is

The most fundamental principle of Huna is that “the world is what you think it is,” that you create your own personal experience of reality by your beliefs, interpretations, actions, reactions, thoughts, and feelings. When I first began studying Huna, I took this to mean that I created my own eating disorder and depression. And, that if I truly wanted to, I could think my way out of it, just by changing my thoughts. It wasn’t that easy though. I changed my thoughts and was even able to change my behavior for a period of time, but it Read More

Your Eating Disorder Is Not An Enemy

There is a saying that states, “That which you resist persists.” In fact, it was Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist, who said this long ago. I think he was right. For decades, before I went into treatment, I resisted my eating disorder. I hated it. And then, once I’d entered treatment, the focus was still on resisting it, trying to make it go away. The result? I struggled through treatment and the next couple of years in recovery. That is, until I stopped fighting, stopped resisting, and started walking towards the very thing I couldn’t stand. I started Read More