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When Life Feels Too Hard, Remember This!

Sometimes life just feels too hard. Have you ever noticed this? Sometimes things feel easy AF, while at other times they feel monumental, laborious, impossible even. Like, why was it so easy to eat lunch yesterday, and today it feels like I’m spooning concrete down my throat? Or, like, why did I feel so light yesterday, and today I feel like I’m suffocating under a ton of bricks? It’s like this for me ALL the time! When I feel good, when things feel easy, I think I’ve finally made it. I’ve conquered life! When things feel hard, when Read More

Stop Telling Me What To Do!

Love your body! Accept your body! Be happy with your body!⁠ ⁠There was a time in my recovery that I got so angry over all the body positivity prompts and everyone telling me that I needed to be kind to my body and be grateful for my body. I swear (and I did)…if I had to hear one more person tell me to love my body, I was going to SCREAM!!! ⁠I understood the intention. It is a message that needs to be shared and spread. It’s an important one, too! Every body is a worthy body! ⁠…but Read More

Material Girl

Materialistic! This was a bad word in the times when I grew up. It means to be excessively concerned with material possessions, to be money-oriented. It was bad to be material-oriented. I wanted to be good. I wanted to be good. I wanted to be good. The intention behind the lesson was well-meaning but it was received in error. Little did anyone know, let alone myself, that my brain didn’t have a channel of gray connecting black and white. It only understood extremes. Good and bad. Yes and no. Right and wrong. My brain’s receiver had access to Read More

Be The Witness, Not The Judge

The Body Is the Feeler of Emotions and Sensations. The Mind Is the Thinker of Thoughts. The Witness Is the Observer of All. ~ Sensei Shane Phelps What does this have to do with eating disorder recovery? Lots, I think! When you enter into the process of recovery, which in my mind means the moment you recognize some discomfort and have a desire to walk away from it, you detach yourself from one thing and begin to attach yourself to another. It can be an incredibly painful process. It can also be scary as hell. It’s sort of Read More

When It’s Easy, It’s Easy…But What About When It’s Hard?

Someone recently posted a question to a group of people with eating disorders: On a scale from 1-10, how badly do you want recovery? The answers ranged from 0 to 1,000,000. Many answers stated that it depended on the day. And that’s the part I find particularly fascinating… In my own recovery, I certainly cycled through periods of wanting recovery so badly I would do anything for it. On other days, I resigned myself to accepting the fate without hope. On those days, I just didn’t have it in me. What was interesting to me, and I began Read More