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Stop Telling Me What To Do!

Love your body! Accept your body! Be happy with your body!⁠ ⁠There was a time in my recovery that I got so angry over all the body positivity prompts and everyone telling me that I needed to be kind to my body and be grateful for my body. I swear (and I did)…if I had to hear one more person tell me to love my body, I was going to SCREAM!!! ⁠I understood the intention. It is a message that needs to be shared and spread. It’s an important one, too! Every body is a worthy body! ⁠…but Read More

Lost & Found

Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin? Do you feel like somehow you’re just not home? Does it feel like you’re lost, in a foreign city, and no one is speaking your language? I used to feel like this. What did I do? Well, at first I read magazines and books, followed the news, and watched TV and movies. I looked for direction from the world at large. What I learned is that apparently the answer to feeling good was to eat well. So, I worked on eating good, eating normally. And yet, no matter how hard Read More