S2-Episode 077: Victoria Evans

My guest today is Victoria Evans. Victoria began her career in the corporate world with a prominent Fortune 500 company in the beauty industry in Montreal. During this time, her challenges related to eating disorders, mental health, extreme dieting, and overexercising became a catalyst for creating a solution to an issue millions of women deal with today. As a successful Intuitive Eating Coach, she is disrupting the wellness industry through her fundamentally science-based approach. Victoria helps countless women heal their relationship with food by optimizing their mindset for happier and healthier lifestyles.

In today’s episode, Victoria shares her personal experiences with an eating disorder, her journey into recovery, and explains how she’s helping others through her science-based approach.

If you would like to get in touch with Victoria, you can find her on Instagram @victoriaevansofficial or on her website at victoriaevansofficial.com. You can also email Victoria at hello@victoriaevansofficial.com.

If you are someone who has lived with an eating disorder, or is currently living with an eating disorder, and you’re interested in being a guest on the podcast, please complete and submit the Podcast Guest Information Form or get in touch at kristen@mypieceofyoga.com.

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