S2-Episode 071: Courtney McCarthy

Courtney is the CEO and founder of Loyobo FIT, a fitness community dedicated to helping people (but especially women) to ditch diet culture, to find joy in movement and to finally figure out how to love their body.

Courtney’s own journey with health and weight loss inspired her to become an ACE certified fitness professional. She learned the hard way how broken our views are towards women’s bodies and health. How the model that the fitness industry presents to us as the answer keeps us stuck and feeling worse. It’s not just about “exercising more and eating less”. It was only when she learned to accept her body and learn how to really have FUN with movement that she started to heal from chronic IBS, as well as low self-esteem.

Working in the fitness industry made her realize how toxic most gyms and studios are -especially for women! How the traditional model just doesn’t work for so many people.

Her mission is to prove that there is another way. One that puts people at the center of it all and guiding people through how to use fitness as a foundation for self-love and confidence. How to understand and DITCH diet culture. How to see themselves as more than just a body and find joy in movement.

In today’s episode, Courtney shares about her own personal experiences with self-image and weight and also shares how she’s helping others and creating positive change in a culture that is heavily focused on weight and appearance.

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Web: loyobofit.com
Instagram: @loyobofit
Facebook: Loyobo FIT

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