I’ve provided this section to answer some of the FAQ’s – or most frequently asked questions – that I receive.

Can you help me right now? It’s an emergency!

If you are in a crisis situation and require immediate assistance, please contact your local emergency services department. You can also contact NEDA’s Helpline for support, resources, and treatment options for yourself or a loved one. NEDA Helpline volunteers are trained to help you find the information and support you are looking for.

Are you a therapist?

No. Therapists and other licensed mental health practitioners have specialized education and training and can help you work through and treat underlying issues behind your eating disorder. They are also able to diagnose and treat other psychological conditions which might also be present such as depression, anxiety, trauma, or abuse.

I already see a therapist. Do I need a coach too?

No. You do not. Often people have wonderful and amazing support systems to assist them with their recovery. Coaching can be a helpful addition to formal treatment and/or therapy if you lack a good support system that understands you and respects your needs and desires.

Will you help me create a meal plan?

As a coach, I cannot create prescribe specific meal plans or give guidance around what or how much to eat. I can, however, help you implement the work you do with a dietitian.

A registered dietitian has specialized training that allows them to assess someone’s nutritional status, create meal plans, and make professional recommendations regarding specific foods, supplements and eating changes.

What can you help me with?

It really depends on YOU! Email me at kristen@mypieceofyoga.com and we can arrange a no-obligation consultation.

I have other questions. Can you answer them for me?

For sure! If you have questions that aren’t addressed here in the FAQ’s, please send me an email to kristen@mypiecofyoga.com. I can either answer your question via email or, we can arrange a time to speak via phone or zoom.

What are your qualifications?

You can find a list of my qualifications here.