Episode 055: Moyra Gorski

In this episode, I speak with Moyra Gorski. Moyra is a podcaster, wellness expert and business mentor. As a retired RN and wellness advocate, she supports women in mind, body and spirit help them find their voice and know that their circumstances do not dictate who they are or can be. During today’s episode Moyra speaks about her own history with an eating disorder as well as her journey through now being the caregiver for a child who also struggles with an eating disorder. Moyra has been on “both sides of the coin”, so to speak, and has an interesting perspective to share with others, especially if you’re a parent or caregiver of someone with an eating disorder.

If you would like to get in touch with Moyra, you can find her on the following:

Web: gorskiwellness.com

Podcast: Juggling the Chaos of Recovery

Instagram: @greengorski

Facebook: Moyra Gorski

If you are someone who has lived with an eating disorder, or is currently living with an eating disorder, and you’re interested in being a guest on the podcast, please complete and submit the Podcast Guest Information Form or get in touch at kristen@mypieceofyoga.com.

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