Episode 027: JL Keez

In today’s episode, which is part one of a four-part series, I speak with JL Keez. JL is a Certified Reality Therapy Counsellor and Director of JL Keez Anorexia Unlocked – an online eating disorder support program. JL is also a survivor of a 9-year experience with Anorexia Nervosa and has also recovered from far too many years enduring migraines, depersonalisation, chronic fatigue, OCD, and suicidal depression.

JL is also the author of a recently-released book called, “Anorexia Unlocked: Understanding Your Story Through Mine” which can be found here on her website.

You can also find more about JL and her offerings on her website at www.jlkeez.com.au or on Instagram @JLKeezAnorexiaUnlocked.

If you are someone who has lived with an eating disorder, or is currently living with an eating disorder, and you’re interested in being a guest on the podcast, please complete and submit the Podcast Guest Information Form or get in touch at kristen@mypieceofyoga.com.

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