Episode 011: Lorelai Symmes

In today’s episode I speak with Lorelai Symmes. Lorelai is a 16-year-old from Severna Park, Maryland. After a hospitalization for anorexia nervosa when she was a freshman, Lorelai has dedicated herself to being a mental health advocate in order to help others around her.

Lorelai can be found on Instagram @lorelaisymmes or her recovery account @life.for.lor. She can also be found on Facebook at Lorelai Madison Symmes.

Lorelai has also written a book called “the path towards sunshine”, which is “a raw collection of poetry written by a young girl in recovery from anorexia nervosa. It shows the reality of living with an eating disorder, anxiety, and body dysmorphia as a teenage girl in today’s society. Each poem, either free verse or spoken word, allows the reader to look inside what life with an eating disorder truly is like.” It can be found on Amazon.

If you are someone who has lived with an eating disorder, or is currently living with an eating disorder, and you’re interested in being a guest on the podcast, please complete and submit the Podcast Guest Information Form or get in touch at kristen@mypieceofyoga.com.

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