Episode 007: Fiona Douglas

In today’s episode, I speak with Fiona Douglas. Fiona is a grad student from Guelph, Ontario, who attended outpatient group therapy through the Canadian Mental Health Association from 2018-2019. She considers herself to be in recovery and is passionate about the way we talk about food, weight, and body image in our society.

Fiona can be found on Instagram and Twitter at @fionaclairedoug. Fiona is passionate about changing the way we talk about food, weight, and body image in our society. She would love to hear from you!


In this episode with Fiona, she talked about an activity that she did while in treatment called, “The Flower Of Self Worth”, which she found helpful for working towards gaining a better image of herself.

I have been unable to locate a blank copy of this worksheet for inclusion here, as I suggested in the episode that I would do. So, as a “next best option”, based on Fiona’s explanation of the exercise, I created a downloadable worksheet for you to use if this is something you might like to work through. Alternately, a Google search for “the flower of self worth” might provide you with other options.

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