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Be The Witness, Not The Judge

The Body Is the Feeler of Emotions and Sensations. The Mind Is the Thinker of Thoughts. The Witness Is the Observer of All. ~ Sensei Shane Phelps What does this have to do with eating disorder recovery? Lots, I think! When you enter into the process of recovery, which in my mind means the moment you recognize some discomfort and have a desire to walk away from it, you detach yourself from one thing and begin to attach yourself to another. It can be an incredibly painful process. It can also be scary as hell. It’s sort of Read More

Follow Your Inner Wisdom

Follow your inner wisdom for recovery. This is your guidance system. And it can be trusted. Do you believe that? I do. I think I’ve always believed that, but there was a time when I was too afraid to put it to the test. I was too afraid of myself. I had very little trust in myself. But, it turns out, trust in myself was instrumental to my (eating disorder) recovery. This trust didn’t develop overnight though. It took time.  In The Beginning In the beginning of my recovery I trusted no one, least of all myself. Treatment Read More

Is Your Eating Disordered?

There are a lot of people who wouldn’t categorize themselves as eating disordered; however, having had an eating disorder myself and then going through treatment and learning how to normalize my eating, I question whether there had ever been a time in my life prior to recovery when my eating hadn’t been disordered. And as I walk through the world and see it through the lens of a different view on health, weight, worth, and self-image, I’m rather shocked by what I see. It’s surreal. I see a great deal of women/folks preoccupied with weight, food, dieting, (cutting) Read More

Changing Your Relationship with Food

Is changing your relationship with food even possible? If your relationship with food, with your body, with yourself is shot, it can be challenging to even know where to begin to start to change it or repair it. And, my guess is that, if you’re like many folks, you probably scan the internet – Google, Pinterest, Instagram – looking for inspiration and strategies for eating healthy, keeping fit, feeling good, and looking your best. You might even get inspired and make a plan. You plan your menus, dedicate times to working out. Writing affirmations on the bathroom mirror Read More