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Stop Telling Me What To Do!

Love your body! Accept your body! Be happy with your body!⁠ ⁠There was a time in my recovery that I got so angry over all the body positivity prompts and everyone telling me that I needed to be kind to my body and be grateful for my body. I swear (and I did)…if I had to hear one more person tell me to love my body, I was going to SCREAM!!! ⁠I understood the intention. It is a message that needs to be shared and spread. It’s an important one, too! Every body is a worthy body! ⁠…but Read More

The Mighty Seed Of Acceptance

Be thankful. Write down what you’re grateful for. Start a gratitude journal. All well-meaning advice, for sure, but these are just actions. Actions are empty without feeling, and while I believe everyone contains the potential to feel, and feel very deeply, not everyone has such easy access to the warm and fuzzies that actions of gratitude are expected to bring. This eventually leads to a practice in futility and frustration. While in the very early stages of eating disorder recovery, I couldn’t feel gratitude. I could think it and I knew what I should be grateful for. I Read More

The Power Of Emotion – Part 4: Finding My Internal Navigation System

Finding my internal navigation system was incredibly freeing for me! Before I had found it my life was on shaky ground. Living with anxiety is exhausting and that is exactly what I had been doing for most of my life. I remember as a child even, being acutely aware of my surroundings and mentally mapping out strategies to navigate around bags or chairs or feet in aisles. The world was a massive land mine and I was trying my damnedest to avoid stepping on one.  The anxiety only intensified when my eating disorder developed. Or, maybe the eating Read More

The Power Of Emotion – Part 3: Finding My Body

This is part three of a four week series on the power of emotion and today I will talk about how finding my body was an essential part of my own recovery. If you would like to read from the beginning, you can start here. Finding My Body I resisted finding my body for a long time. I didn’t even know I had been resisting it. But, eventually my body found me. It had tried for decades, maybe even my entire life, to find a way to speak and to be heard, but after trying to listen to Read More

The Power Of Emotion – Part 2: Understanding Myself

In part one of this four week series on the power of emotion, I talked about some of the benefits I’ve experienced from focusing on my emotions.  One of them was how doing so helped me to grow in my understanding of myself.  So today, I would like to share with you the why behind this, why focusing on my emotions and growing in my understanding of myself was (and is) such a powerful aid in my own eating disorder recovery. Before I go on though, let me clarify that when I talk about emotions, I’m talking about Read More