When Life Feels Too Hard, Remember This!

woman sitting with hands over eyes because life feels too hard

Sometimes life just feels too hard. Have you ever noticed this? Sometimes things feel easy AF, while at other times they feel monumental, laborious, impossible even.

Like, why was it so easy to eat lunch yesterday, and today it feels like I’m spooning concrete down my throat? Or, like, why did I feel so light yesterday, and today I feel like I’m suffocating under a ton of bricks?

It’s like this for me ALL the time!

When I feel good, when things feel easy, I think I’ve finally made it. I’ve conquered life!

When things feel hard, when I feel heavy, I think I’ve fucked up. I’m an absolute moron. A loser. A disgrace of a human being.

Do you alternate between these states of extremes too?

The Good News When Life Feels too Hard

If you do, I’d like to first let you know that it’s totally okay. You’re not defective. And second, I’d like to let you know that IF you recognize these patterns of extremes in yourself, this is good news!


If life feels too hard and you recognize these patterns, then you have the capacity of awareness. And, awareness is a superpower!

It means that you have intelligence. You have vision. You have strength. And you have power.

Yes, you!

Awareness is a Superpower?

I think the problem for many of us is that we’ve never been taught to use this superpower. We’ve also been misled into thinking that “easy” is a sign of success, and anything but only reflects our failings. And, we’ve also come to believe that some things are easy across-the-board and some things are, by all accounts, hard.

But, this simply isn’t true.

Hard and Easy Are Subjective As Fuck

In seeing hard and easy through a strictly objective lens, there is a tendency to promote comparison, competition, and even pride. There is also a tendency for those who struggle with the so-called “easy” things to de-value themselves and their own struggles.

So, I’m writing this for anyone who struggles with the basic day-to-day stuff, like showering, getting dressed, washing the dishes, or preparing and eating a meal.

You must stop looking at your own struggles, whatever they may be, as trivial or unimportant or as a sign of your inadequacy.

What To Do When Life Feels Too Hard?

Instead, what I urge you to do, is this…remember!

Remember that:

  • If you see struggle, then you have awareness.
  • If you have awareness, then you have a superpower.
  • If you have the superpower of awareness, then you also have intelligence, vision, strength, and power.
  • If you have intelligence, vision, strength, and power, then you have the ability.

And, remember that NO struggle is so small or trivial that it is less worthy of your ability than another.

Struggle Deserves Your Ability

Whatever your struggle, whether it’s saving the oceans and slowing climate change, or brushing your teeth and picking up your socks, it deserves your ability.

Your struggle is a window to great wisdom. Greet your struggles, all of them, not with judgment, but with gratitude and acceptance, and let them show you the way.

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