The World Is What You Think It Is

The most fundamental principle of Huna is that “the world is what you think it is,” that you create your own personal experience of reality by your beliefs, interpretations, actions, reactions, thoughts, and feelings.

When I first began studying Huna, I took this to mean that I created my own eating disorder and depression. And, that if I truly wanted to, I could think my way out of it, just by changing my thoughts.

It wasn’t that easy though. I changed my thoughts and was even able to change my behavior for a period of time, but it took a tremendous amount of effort. So much so that I couldn’t sustain it. I was working against myself.

What I found is that thoughts are deeply layered. There is thought, upon thought, upon thought, and what lies at the centre of all those thoughts, is the primary thought, the belief.

Upon finding this out, I went back to my original thought which said that I created my eating disorder and the depression. I rolled it around inside my head for quite some time. I eventually came to see that the deeper thought that lay under the more superficial one was that I was to blame. For everything.

When I started working on that thought, the primary, core thought, that’s when deep and lasting change started happening and the work no longer felt like a practice in futility. I was no longer accepting and perpetuating a state of guilt but rather, I began choosing my innocence instead.

I relinquished the guilt and accepted the grace of forgiveness instead. Period. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. Always.

Now, this doesn’t mean guilt doesn’t resurface or that I simply ignore when I make mistakes or take wrong turns. It just means that I repeatedly affirm my guiltlessness. I tell myself it’s okay, that I am okay. Period.

I choose to believe in the nature of my innocence. And, because choice is the one thing I always have, I choose to call upon the power of love to guide me.

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