World Eating Disorders Action Day 2020

World Eating Disorders Action Day is coming up on June 2nd. The aim of this day is to advance understanding of eating disorders as serious, treatable illnesses, as well as uniting eating disorder activists, professionals, parents/carers, and those personally affected in order to promote worldwide knowledge of eating disorders and the need for comprehensive treatment.

As someone who has been personally affected by an eating disorder, I will be participating in, and promoting, World Eating Disorders Day initiatives.

Over the next six days, I will share actions that individuals can take towards their own recovery. These are recommendations from the Academy of Eating Disorders.

On June 2nd, in honor of World Eating Disorders Action Day, I’ll be sharing a video (location TBD) in which I share some of my own personal experiences of recovery. I’m sharing my story in hopes of encouraging others who might be struggling with their own.

Recovery is anything but linear and will look different for each individual. I want to encourage you to honor your own journey and to never give up!

Let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to speak to and I will try to address it in my video on June 2nd. Comment below or email me at

Also, if you would like to know a bit more about me, please download a copy of my free e-book, Understanding, where I talk about the questions I asked during my own eating disorder recovery and the answers I found.

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