There’s Nothing Juvenile About The Basics

I love learning the basics…of anything. But, especially about anatomy and how the body is structured and functions.

For me, it’s been highly beneficial to go back to the basics and really start at the beginning and build a foundation of understanding from the bottom up.



Well, if you struggle at all with disordered eating in any way, or feeling comfortable in your own skin, the body can seem like a bit of a mystery. Even if you think you understand it from a mental perspective, it still seems foreign on a sensational and emotional level.

This was the case for me as I recovered from an eating disorder. And I had to go back to simple basics, like bones, and muscles, and planes of movement.

By the time I entered treatment, I had been so far detached from my body, and for so long, that it felt near impossible to land myself back in it.

I needed to really sit down and explore fingers and toes, joints and bones. I had to marvel at the small things that so many people seem to gloss over.

Doing this helped me to re-gain a sense of myself as a whole person and begin to appreciate myself and my body in a new light.

Many people think that I may focus on things that are too elementary but I truly believe there is a wealth of knowledge and wonder that lies in the elementary stuff. I really think it’s a place worth going to if you’re really in need of reconnecting with your body.

Be like little children. Explore with curiosity and wonder. There is a lot to get excited about!

If you have limited knowledge of anatomy and/or yoga, struggle with feeling at home and comfortable in your body, and are interested in exploring the body from a foundational level, I’d love you to join my private Facebook group at My Piece Of Yoga. Starting from Monday and going until Friday this week, I’ll be posting basics about the body, movement, and some foundational yoga postures, and will be around to respond to comments and answer any questions. 🙂

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