Why You Want To Learn A Bit of Anatomy

As you may or may not know, I am a certified yoga teacher. But, I don’t teach yoga.


I know. It sounds absurd, right? But, the way I see it, yoga (or, more specifically, yoga asana/posture) is just the vehicle through which we learn about ourselves.

So, in that regard, the lessons are really about developing an understanding of yourself and who you are, rather than about the poses.

One of the things I really enjoy learning about is anatomy and then applying that understanding to my yoga postures and movements. And, as someone who has been through yoga teacher training and taken additional anatomy courses, I’ve developed (and continue to develop) a good foundation of knowledge.

It has been my observation, however, that many people do not even know the basics. And I think it’s a shame.

I truly believe that having a fundamental knowledge about how the body is structured and how it moves is an important part of getting to know yourself.

I know it was for me as I went through my own recovery from an eating disorder.

For me, I started to connect with my body through practicing yoga. But, to be directed by someone else, and without knowing why, wasn’t enough for me. I needed to know for myself the basic mechanics behind poses so that I could start making my own choices.

And, really, that’s why I think everyone should know some of the basics of anatomy if they do, or want to, practice yoga or any other type of body movement activity.

When you start to deepen your connection to your body, you start to see it from a different perspective. And, when you’re able to take a different stance and view it from a different angle, it opens some room for appreciation. And when the door of appreciation for yourself opens, you begin to tolerate being in your body. Then, when you can tolerate being in your body, you willingly start to listen to it and respect its messages, which ultimately gives you the greater ability to make choices that honor your own individual uniqueness and to take care of yourself.

Knowledge is empowering…and you deserve to know more about yourself!

It’s not as bad as you might think. 😉

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. What do you think about the idea of knowledge being empowering?

And, if you have limited knowledge of anatomy and yoga but you’d like to know more, I’d love you to join my private Facebook group at My Piece Of Yoga where I’ll be spending next week from Monday to Friday posting basics about the body, movement, and some foundational yoga postures.

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