Can You Practice Mindfulness Meditation If Your Mind Won’t Stop Racing?

Yup. You bet! You just have to change your practice a bit.

My mind is a racer. So I know the challenge.

Departure Platform, Subway

Practicing mindfulness was something I tried really hard to do but, truth be told, I struggled.

That is, until I discovered that there are two types of mindfulness practice.

One is opening the mind. The other is focusing the mind.

I’d always practiced opening the mind. I thought it was the only way – where you open your mind and allow all your thoughts to pass by like objects on a conveyor belt without stopping the conveyor belt to pull something off and inspect it.

It was exhausting. The conveyor belt moved way to fast to see anything at all. I couldn’t keep up and it started to create more anxiety.

When I learned I could still practice mindfulness by focusing my mind instead, I found a bit of freedom.

I started over. From square one.

I set the timer for a minute and practiced focusing solely on my breath – on one single item. Some days a minute felt like an eternity. And on those days, my practice was shortened to one breath. All I had to do though was focus my mind for one second on one breath.

And you know what happened?

Over time, one second became easy. So I started to increase the time. After a while, I could sit and focus on my breathing for a full 30 minutes.

I found myself settling.

But, I have also learned that it’s not so much the quantity of time you spend in mindful meditation in one sitting that matters.

There were days I struggled with a minute. So, on those days I practiced for seconds. Only, I practiced more often. One second here. One second there.

What I learned from that was that small, tiny sessions (think 5 seconds) repeated throughout the day were just as beneficial.

Any steps taken, no matter how small, have great value and the benefits are cumulative.

Point being? Just don’t stop. Ever. Take it one teeny, tiny step at a time and you can be sure you’re making monumental progress.

No effort is too small.

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