Your Brain Needs Food Too!

It’s true. Your brain needs proper and adequate nourishment just as much as your body does.

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Did you know:

Although the brain weighs only three pounds, it consumes up to one-fifth of the body’s calories. Dieting, fasting, self-starvation, and/or erratic eating means the brain isn’t getting the energy it needs, which can lead to obsessing about food and difficulties concentrating.

If you find yourself thinking about food all the time or are having problems concentrating, please don’t overlook your eating habits.

The National Eating Disorders Association has a free online screening tool you can use if you are concerned about your own eating habits. You can find it at

As well, I’m not sure how many people have heard of orthorexia but it’d be worth checking out NEDA’s info on this too – – if you find yourself overly concerned with “proper” or “healthful” eating.

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