Is Your Eating Disordered?

There are a lot of people who wouldn’t categorize their eating as disordered; however, having had an eating disorder myself and then going through treatment and learning how to normalize my eating, I question whether there had ever been a time in my life prior to recovery when my eating hadn’t been disordered.

And as I walk through the world and see it through the lens of a different view on health, weight, worth, and self-image, I’m rather shocked by what I see. It’s surreal.


I see a great deal of women preoccupied with weight, food, dieting, (cutting) calories, fitness, and health. So preoccupied, in fact, that these topics have become a main concern over other interests and activities.

I also see many women complaining about the shape of their body or a specific body part.

I continue to see whole food groups being removed from someone’s list of options of things they can and cannot eat.

I also hear a great deal about so-called safe foods and good foods.

And do you know how all this makes me feel?

Grateful! Yup, you heard me. I am grateful that I developed an eating disorder. Grateful that my extreme behaviors put me in a category where I could officially receive treatment and be properly educated on how to eat normally.

I believe, and this is a personal opinion, that there are many, many women out there who live with disordered eating habits. But, because “everyone else is doing it” they think it’s okay, that it’s just the way the life of a woman is.

Disordered seems normal to so many. ☹️

But it’s not. And so, it’s become really important to me to share all that I’ve learned with others, not only in treatment and through recovery from the eating disorder, but also in how I have been able to cultivate a deeper inner awareness and understanding of myself through energetic practices, meditation, and body work.

It is possible to live without restriction, without guilt, without self-denial and to live a life of personal freedom. It can be done!

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